New Episodes for Bittersoet Teaser

New Episodes for Bittersoet Teaser
New Episodes for Bittersoet Teaser

New Episodes for Bittersoet Teaser

In a shocking development, Zeynep gets shot while trying to escape, but who pulled the trigger? Nihan or Vildan? Who will Kemal side with?

Previous Episode – 28 April 2020

The previous episode of eTV’s Bittersoet, which aired on Tuesday, 28 April 2020, saw Zeynep attempting to board a boat in order to escape from Ms Vildan. Upon finding out Zeynep’s plan to escape, Vildan rushed over to the docking site where she threatens to shoot her by firing a gun into the air. Startled by the sound of a gun, Vildan’s daughter, Nihan attempted to stop her mother from doing something she would regret. Vildan explained that she would not allow for Zeynep to escape as she believed that she killed her son.

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Nihan did all that she could to calm her mother down, but Vildan stood firm in her decision to stop Zeynep from leaving. As the mother and daughter fought over the gun, a shot was fired, shooting Zeynep in the back as she tried to board the boat. Vildan and Nihan were left stunned as they were not sure who fired the shot. Upon hearing the gun shot, Kemal arrived to find Zeynep laying on the ground. He rushed towards her, whilst Vildana and Nihan stood still as they dealt with what just happened.

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Watch the previous episode of Bittersoet here.

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